What's changed

The New Talbot Placement

You may have noticed something different about the Talbot Placement site if you've been here before. We have completely redesigned the site to reflect both the new layout of Talbot's website and the institution's IT infrastructure. We hope that these changes will make using the site easier and more enjoyable, and will better assist you in getting connected with potential employers and job opporunities.

Updating implied making certain decisions that would affect the way users logged on to the system. Regular visitors to Talbot Placement's website will find that little has changed for them aside from the look and feel of the website. The features are similar and in many cases enhanced, complete with automated user sign-up and account management, improved searching and a more pleasing interface.

However, if you had not visited Talbot Placement in a while, or if you had multiple accounts open, you may be affected by these changes. In any case, don't worry! Our services are still available to you as long as you are a Talbot or Biola alumnus or represent a qualified Church or para-church organization. Feel free to address any questions to the Talbot Placment administrator:

Megan Bergk
(562) 903-4823

Following is a list of the changes that were made and which may have affected your account:

  • New Talbot and Biola alumni registrants are now required to log in using their NetID. If you do not know your NetID or have forgotten your password, please visit login.biola.edu and click on the First time logging in or Forgot your NetID or password? links. Users who had previously created an account may still use it but are encouraged to switch to using their NetID instead.
  • Users who had not logged in since 2006 were not imported into the new system and must request a new account.
  • Accounts flagged as duplicates were merged where possible. If you had more than one account open with the same username or email address, we did our best to merge them into one account. You may be prompted to confirm or update your contact information if such was the case. If you had one account that was linked to an employer and one that was tied to your alumni record, the accounts were also merged and all relevant information (including permissions to manage job postings for the organization) imported into the new account.

We hope you enjoy the new Talbot Placement website. Don't hesitate to leave us some feedback using the link to the right.


Megan Bergk
(562) 903-4823

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada , CA 90639
Information Technology